Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

New creation for alternative transportation with new car concept

Helicopter flying car has never been the transportation in our minds. Could you just imagine that one day it would be possible to have a car with its unique capacity to be transformed into a helicopter? The idea was developed by ZEEP design with its matchless quality to be used on both public roads as well as in the sky.

Flying car concepts did started appearing but flying car and a helicopter at the same time is the state of the art idea even nowadays. Called the CCC car, it is a little bit strange in appearance but worth using it as you might possibly get bored by constantly happening traffic jams. This futuristic idea appears to be very important and handy as the public transportations is in increase.

There are the main rotors with a tail rotor at its back. The futuristic looking car features blades on its rotor to stay folded and invisible while not in use. The conceptual car drives on the big front wheels as well as the small one to be operating as the tail rotor. Tail rotor is used to arrange steering. There is also a control sphere as well as special buttons to drive this new generating helicopter car.

Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

Breathtaking control-a-cat remote control

Did it happen to you that your beloved kitty has gone out of control? Did you feel about having a device with a capacity to make your cat controllable? The future is close with this new gizmo called “control-a-cat remote control”. It seems feline problems could be easily solved had you this intelligent cat’s training kit.

Remote control appears to have not been so tricky gadget until now making it possible for you to gain more feline leverage. Now it happens to be possible to prevent your annoying cat from jumping, scratching, curtain climbing or other things you are not able to bear.

The interesting fact is that the feline remote control does not require any batteries. The control a cat remote control comes with 21 buttons having even a mice catching choice. Just push the appropriate button so that you could give your personal command. The control a cat remote control measures 14 x 5,5 cm.

There are no claims according to its manufactures so you might be pleased now to grab the opportunity to have a well behaved kitty. Cat’s life has never been so amazing and now you know what to do if you are sick and tired of your feline troubles.

Senin, 18 Mei 2009

Eee PC 1008HA Seashell Netbook

Well, Asus has gone to great lengths to provide a press release that equates their latest laptop, the Eee PC 1008HA Seashell netbook, to all things beach. So fine sand and exterior seashell finishes aside, why don’t we get down to it and see what is under the hood of this 1-inch thick machine? Front and center is an LED backlit 10-inch LCD that boasts a 1024×600 resolution.

Moving things along is Intel’s Atom 280 processor and a 160GB HDD with 10GB of online store, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.+EDR and 2x USB ports. The Seashell ways in at a slender 2.42lbs and is available in pink, black, white, red, blue and sapphire blue. No word on price or availability as of yet.

Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

Wind Chime Alarm Clock

We seem to live in a world where alarm clocks are really popular since there are so many models out there and so many that are really interesting and probably really popular with many individuals. This might be the case with the Wind Chime Alarm Clock too. This gadget has everything you would expect from an alarm clock: 12 hours and 24 hours clocks, stopwatch function, date showing and good design.

Now the one thing that makes this alarm clock special stands in the fact that we are faced with 2 different ways in which you can wake up. One is the classic electronic beep while the other one is the relaxing sound of wind chimes. The only real problem stands in the fact that choosing the wind chimes mode will drain battery life but we can surely live with that small problem. You should know that the Wind Chime Alarm Clock needs 3 batteries (AAA) in order to run. We hope you like this alarm clock gadget as it does seem quite interesting and it is only $19.95 so quite cheap too.

Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

Crunchpad 12-inch Tablet Pictures

We first heard about the Crunchpad January 2009. Now, and ironically, the company that is known for getting the scoop has been scooped. Last night a handful of pictures detailing the latest iteration of the Crunchpad were leaked to the blogosphere. Soon after Crunchgear, the gadget arm of Techcrunch conceded and posted more pics since the ‘cat was out of the bag’. Now Arrington, the man behind the curtain has written a post dedicated to the Crunchpad discussing its genesis and more importantly the cost to build the machine, $250.

Techcrunch hasn’t said if the machine will come to market, but at the end of the day, and as I commented on another blog, the Crunchpad is an oversized MID, which for some will either hate it or love it. So to be clear, don’t expect it to be a data entry machine or a full blown email device. No, the Crunchpad will be for you and your friends to huddle around and watch stupid YouTube clips of kids falling on their faces or glancing at your email.

Specs that we know:

* 12-inch capacitive touchscreen
* Microphone
* Macbook Air thin
* Intel Atom processor
* WiFi
* Open source
* Camera
* Speakers
* USB input

Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Verizon HP Mini 1151NR

Finally! We’ve now got official word that Verizon will start selling their long rumored (and confirmed) netbook on May 17th for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and a 2-year activation of their Mobile Broadband. Specs for the HP Mini 1151NR include a Qualcomm Gobi chipset (quad-band GPRS/EDGE/GSM and tri-band HSPA/UMTS), 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 3-cell battery, 80GB HDD, Bluetooth, 10.1-inch LCD (1024 x 576), XP Home and 2x USB 2.0 ports. As with Verizon’s MiFi, expect to pay $39.99/month for 250MB and 10 cents per megabyte overage or $59.99/month with a 5GB allowance and 5 cents per megabyte overage.

Full release after the ‘leap’

HP Mini 1151NR from Verizon Wireless
The HP Mini 1151NR is available on the nation’s largest and most reliable 3G network on May 17, 2009. This netbook offers customers a compact, lightweight device with the added benefit of Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Broadband network built right into the HP Mini 1151NR. Customers traveling abroad can use Verizon Wireless’ GlobalAccess service to stay connected, informed and entertained in more than 175 destinations; more than 45 of those destinations offer 3G speeds.

The HP Mini 1151NR will be available online at www.verizonwireless.com and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores. It will cost $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and new two- year activation on a Mobile Broadband plan. Customers will receive the rebate in the form of a debit card; upon receipt, customers may use the card as cash anywhere debit cards are accepted.

Key Specifications

· Mobile Broadband – EV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) Embedded
· GlobalAccess – Qualcomm Gobi chipset (quad-band GPRS/EDGE/GSM and tri-band HSPA/UMTS)
· 802.11b/g WLAN and Bluetooth®
· Wired Ethernet RJ-45
· Display – 10.1” Flush Glass (1024 x 576) diagonal LED BrightView Infinity display
· Weight – 2.4 Pounds
· Dimensions – 1” x 10.3” x 6.6”
· Power – three-cell battery, 30W AC Adapter
· Processor – Intel Atom N270
· Processor Speed – 1.6 GHz
· System Memory – 1 GB RAM
· Storage Hard Drive – 80 GB hard disk drive
· Operating System – Windows XP Home Edition; Service Pack 3
· USB Ports – Two USB 2.0 ports
· Video – VGA out (requires optional accessory); built-in Webcam 640 x 480, 30 fps
· Audio – Stereo speakers, integrated microphone, combo headphone/microphone jack
· Removable memory – combo SD/MMC card slot
· Limited Warranty – one-year

Verizon Wireless Connectivity Capabilities
· Mobile Broadband – Verizon Wireless’ high-speed wireless network is enhanced with
EV-DO Rev. A technology for fast and efficient Web browsing and access to corporate Intranet and e-mail. Mobile Broadband is available across the U.S. so that customers can keep working when they are on-the-go. Select from one- or two-year Mobile Broadband plans that offer:

· $39.99 monthly access for 250 MB monthly allowance and 10 cents per megabyte overage
· $59.99 monthly access with a 5 GB monthly allowance and 5 cents per megabyte overage

· GlobalAccess – The HP Mini 1151NR makes it easy for customers to stay connected when traveling abroad with GlobalAccess. The HP Mini 1151NR with the embedded Qualcomm Gobi™ chipset, works to provide streamlined global mobile broadband access on both CDMA and GSM wireless networks in more than 175 destinations worldwide. Customers will receive a SIM card when they sign up for a GlobalAccess plan. Monthly or pay per use GlobalAccess plans include:
GlobalAccess Monthly Plan starts at $129.99 monthly access, offering a 100 MB allowance in more than 30 select international destinations ($0.005/KB after allowance), as well as 5 GB allowance for the U.S. and Canada and $0.25/MB overage. All other destinations are charged pay-per-use rates.
Global Access Pay Per Use is perfect for occasional use and must be purchased with a $59.99 Mobile Broadband service plan in the U.S. The Pay Per Use rate is $0.002/KB in Canada, $0.005/KB in Mexico, and $0.02/KB in more than 175 other destinations.

Capabilities (with appropriate Verizon Wireless service plans)

· E-mail – view, edit, and create e-mail messages with attachments
· Web browse – experience a full Web browsing experience
· Instant Messaging and Social Networking
· Videos and movies – playback videos and movies downloaded via SD card or USB CD/DVD external drive
· Photos – view and create albums or transfer via SD card
· Microsoft Works® – view, but not edit, Microsoft Word and Excel files

Key Pre-Installed Applications
More than 30 applications come pre-installed on the HP Mini 1151NR Netbook including:

· VZ Access Manager
· Internet Explorer 7®
· Adobe® Reader® and Flash® Player
· Microsoft® Works (share and edit Works Word Processor and Spreadsheet files with Microsoft® Office Word and
· Windows Media Player 11™
· HP Wireless Assistant
· Symantec® Norton Internet Security 2009 (including 60-days of complimentary live updates)

Microsoft® Office Excel and vice versa)

Senin, 11 Mei 2009

Ultrasone Pro 900 Headphones Review

Let me say this right now. Your music is not good enough for these headphones. Remember that $4 milkshake from Pulp Fiction? That only scratches the surface of how utterly awesome the UltraSone Pro 900 headphones are. From listening to MP3’s to working in Pro Tools, I was honestly blown away by the sheer magnitude of quality that the Pro 900’s achieve.

The Pro 900’s come with a really nice hard shell case, two styles or cord, and two styles of velvet ear padding. They even come with a demo CD that contains various genres of music and sound effects. They are constructed of a thick plastic and plush velvet foam and feel very solid and comfortable even after hours of extended use.

These headphones are basically a thesaurus for every positive descriptive term there is, they’re that incredible. Rich and balanced bass response is complimented by refined treble and mid range frequencies. Discerning ears will definitely hear differences in bit rates and levels of production quality of their MP3’s. That’s the thing, the Pro 900’s are so accurate and true that they’ll literally pick apart your music. You’ll notice flaws in recording techniques and appreciate subtle nuances that you’ve never heard before.

As I’ve mentioned in past headphone and earbud reviews, an important variable in gauging the quality of a headphone is going to be the source material you’re listening to. With today’s music listener using primarily MP3’s that have fluctuating compressions, it makes it more difficult to accurately judge what’s really going on.

I was able to clearly tell when recordings and mixes were all over the place as well as when everything was tight and compact. For whatever it’s worth, it definitely made me more critical towards my judgement of recorded music. But a rare treat in that. Makes me wish I had had these twenty years ago!

The only thing I didn’t like about the Pro 900’s was the input jack. You need to attach the 3.5mm adapter to use it with any MP3 player and it ends up sticking out really far and can be slightly obtrusive. Other than that, these are the best headphones I have ever heard point blank, period. If they’re in your budget or you have to save up for a couple months to buy them, they will be one of the best things you can buy for yourself as a music lover. Even from an audio engineering standpoint, mixing and recording with the Pro 900’s was a sheer blast. I absolutely recommend the UltraSone Pro 900’s to everyone who has the cash to drop on some immensely amazing headphones.


* Unbelievable sound reproduction
* Extremely competent across multiple scenarios
* Comfortable and durable


* Mad pricey!
* Length of input jack when coupled with 3.5mm adapter is cumbersome
* That’s it!

Buy them here for $469!

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles iPhone

I have always been hesitant to acknowledge the iPhone as being a true gaming console. The lack of buttons and the accelerometer didn’t do a whole lot for me and while most games were cheap, they were more a novelty than anything else, and couldn’t be played for more than 5 minutes. Having never played or even followed the Nintendo DS version of this game, Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles is a huge leap forward in gaming on the iPhone. Whereas Metal Gear Solid Touch was merely a name recognition cash grab and an incomplete game, ACAC is a full game with responsive controls and a lengthy playtime of about 6 hours.

ACAC is an action platformer that takes place before the events of the original Assassin’s Creed on consoles and PC. Altair’s mission is to secure a sacred chalice in the year 1191 AD in several locations around Jerusalem. The game has a progressive upgrade system that gives you access to more moves and weapons as you complete levels. It is for the most part totally linear and I suggest playing through once on the easy difficulty setting before the harder one for maximum replay value.

The graphics of ACAC are standout. Rich and vivid colors and competent animations make this game one to showcase to your friends the true power of the iPhone. Slow down did occur on a handful of occasions when the action got hectic but it was never that bothersome. Even though your thumbs are all over the screen, the widescreen presentation works well overall and you never feel like the screen is too small.

The sound was decent at best. Street noise and clatter were a nice ambient backdrop, but the voice acting left something to be desired. The dialog could have been picked out of hat and Altair’s voice was weaker than the NPC voiceovers. The music and sound did cut out many times randomly but did not affect gameplay. What also affected the sound was the use of your right hand on the iPhone as it often covered the speaker and muffled the volume.

Minggu, 03 Mei 2009

Microsoft launches Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2

Microsoft officially announced the Release of Manufacturing versions of Service Pack 2 of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. The Service Pack 2 includes many updates. For example, one of the updates was support for emerging hardware standards. Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and for Windows Server 2008 includes a single installer. It make easier the management and installation of SP2.

Let’s look through updates. Windows Vista SP2 became more comfortable to use. Now it includes Windows Search 4.0 for faster searches and native Blu-ray recording. Also SP2 includes Bluetooth 2.1 Feature Pack and Windows Connect Now. With Windows Connect Now users can set up Wi-Fi connection very easy. And this is not all. Windows Vista SP2 includes support for UTC timestamps in the exFAT file system. It allows users to synchronize file across time zones correctly.

The information about changes in Windows Vista SP2 and in Windows Server 2008 SP is available on Microsoft’s site. Service Pack 2 will be available to the public later this spring.

Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009

Album Portable Digital Photo Gallery

I am sure that the majority of us have hundreds of photos, piled in paper albums, stored on disks or elsewhere, and we think there should be a device which will help us to store these photos in one place and enjoy their viewing when we want. Digital photo albums are not new, and this one is, probably, the most comfortable in usage.

It is quite compact - not bigger than a paperback - the dimensions of the portable digital photo viewer are the following: 19.5cm x 11.3cm x 1.4 cm, so you can bear it in your pocket. It features a 7-inch screen display with 800 x 480 resolution and is compatible with SD card.

The Album digital photo gallery is capable of storing 40.000 photos which can be downloaded directly from SD card or Digital Camera. It is quite easy to use: it allows creating folders, deleting photos, changing pictures manually, and offers the possibility of slideshow and three hours of battery life.

Moreover, the digital photo album comes in a leather case that can be used as a stand for the device. You can buy it for 263 USD. It is quite expensive, but the storage capabilities are worth the money.

Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

Pinhole Camera

If you like to make fun and joke on your friends than this new camera is for you. Its specific feature is that it is made in the form of gun. If you are a fan of movies with much shooting and fights and want to feel yourself like James Bond you can try it.

This camera is the product of the famous designer - Franziska Dierschkeare. It differs from other cameras not only in its gun shape, but in some several characteristics. First of all, it does not have a viewfinder, so it will be in vain to look for it. You have already guessed that this camera is not for professional photographers, but rather for those who like to take photos of their friends and family. All you need is to point the camera on the object as accurately as you can and shoot.

According to the designer, this specification emphasizes the process of photo taking, but not the picture itself. The camera comes in several color variants: white and green.

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